For those of you who are not square dancers, beginners start at the basic level and then progress to the mainstream level before graduating. This usually takes about four months of weekly lessons. Those dancers not prepared to commit themselves to regular attendance will have difficulties keeping up with the lessons. It is possible to miss an occasional lesson, but missing two in a row could be disastrous. The levels indicated below as ‘Basic’ and ‘Mainstream’ may all start out with the basic lessons. Call the contact to find out.
Most square dance lessons in the Atlanta area start in the fall; a few may also start at the beginning of the year. If you don’t find lessons starting in your area, please check this page every month for new revisions, especially in August, September, and January.

Club City Lessons Contact Phone
Cherokee Squares Woodstock Basic/Mainstream Paul & Hazel Stover 770-704-0875
Crossfire Squares Conyers Basic/Mainstream Johnny & Glennis Jolley 770-786-4774
Hotlanta Squares Atlanta Basic/Mainstream Sherry Mask 770-267-8861
Hotlanta Squares Atlanta Challenge/Advanced Sherry Mask 770-267-8861
Kennesaw Square Dealers Kennesaw Basic/Mainstream David & Cheryl Krupp 770-529-4468
Lads ‘n Lassies McDonough Basic/Mainstream Hershel Thompson 404-394-6850
Peachtree Squares Atlanta Basic/Mainstream Jeanne Schwenk 770-319-0321
Rebel Reelers Newnan Basic/Mainstream Darline Barge 770-617-1211
Silver Stars Lawrenceville Basic/Mainstream Jon & Joan Martin 770-736-0810

For those of you who know nothing about square dancing, “Basic” and “Mainstream” generally mean that the lessons are given for beginner dancers. Square dance levels are broken up into “Basic”, “Mainstream”, “Plus” and higher levels. Each level adds more calls that the caller can use. All clubs in the Atlanta area dance at the mainstream level or higher and all beginner lessons are not complete until you have finished the mainstream level. Many clubs follow mainstream lessons with a further set of lessons for “Plus” as the club itself dances at the plus level.